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View of the Thames from Caversham Bridge
Ornamental Carved Door of Oak at the Principal Entrance of the Oracle.
Old School House in Forbury
Oracle, Reading
Straw Yard - Mr Sherwood`s Farm at Norcote
Old Wash house in the House in Broad Street.
Old Caversham Mill
Old Caversham Mill
Old Cottages Formerly Standing Outside Reading Somewhere Near the Present Railway Station.
Lane at Norcote
Interior of Mr. Sherwoods Stable at Norcote.
Fountain in the gardens of White Knightly
On the Towing Path
Eel Traps near Caversham Old Mill
In the Oracle
In the old building called The Oracle
In the Oracle
Cattle Bridge in the Kennet Meadows
In the meadows at Hungerford.
Towing path on the Kennet
Boat House on the Thames.
In the Castle Ruins Reading Abbey
In the Castle Ruins Reading
In the Castle Ruins Reading
Landscape near Reading
Near Reading
In the Market Place, Reading
Cottages at Old Basing
Norcote - Mr Sherwoods Farm
Old Bridge which Formerly Stood near the Biscuit Factory.
On the way to Caversham
Near Caversham Mill
On the Kennet,1841.
On the Kennet,1841
Mapledurham Mill
Old Caversham Bridge
Old Caversham Bridge
Caversham Bridge