Beauty and the Beast ( Quentin Bell)
Title: Beauty and the Beast
Artist: Quentin Bell
Date of Work: mid-1970`s
Medium: 3-D object : ceramic
Dimensions: 35mm x 355mm x 300mm
Caption: Quentin Bell`s teacher, Roger Fry, told him to treat poetry like sculpture; so it seems odd that this partly glazed earthenware bowl, fired in the Fulham Pottery, has the feeling of a print. Bell has hatched the shadows and hair of both figures like an etching. The beast looks quietly contemplative, whilst Beauty sleeps the deep sleep of the physically spent, which begs the question of what exactly they were up to an hour earlier.
Object Number: 2015.54.1
Acknowledgements: Reading Foundation for Art Collection, gift of Pat Jordan Evans
Copyright: Image: Reading Borough Council/ Intellectual: The artist`s estate